Testimonial by Mrs Sandhya Suryanarayan

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Our daughter, Raksha, is now part of Dipankar’s Badminton Academy (DBA) for close to 8 months. Brilliant Journey thus far, highly satisfying with visible improvement in each aspect of her game.

Right from day one, the personal individual attention our daughter (for that matter all the kids) gets is unparalleled. Be it correcting the basics – grip & stance – to more nuanced techniques – the methodical approach & the sheer time spent – to gradually build out various aspects of the game is unbelievable. Here is a great player – thrice national champion & twice Olympian - so passionate yet patient as though each kid is his own repeatedly practicing with the kids till the techniques are perfect. Plus the support coaches have been equally committed and great to work with. This one to one approach has helped our daughter a lot.

At DBA, we found the approach to be modular yet tightly integrated – with all aspects – physicals, shadow movements, strokes, long rallies, competitive match play – getting adequate time, with the aim of developing strong all round game. The facilities at RSITC – excellent wooden courts, swimming facilities have been a great help as well. The students also have a dedicated nutritionist who takes care of their requirements. His advices have been really helpful in toning up. Mr. Dipankar has a keen eye for the individual and is adept in analyzing the individual players’ strengths and weaknesses. For our daughter, lot of attention on movements & base line rallies. Meticulous in approach, he has session by session plan for each player that necessarily has to be completed (so late night sessions are not uncommon). So each session is long & tough, yet focused and fun – all credit to Mr. Dipankar/support coaches – Raksha never wants to miss a single class. We are sure it is the case with all other kids as well.

Among coaches who don’t allow parents inside the playing area, DBA is quite different – each parent is invited to be active participants, be it through the feedback sessions, or in organizing fun activities. We can definitely say that our daughter’s game has improved much at DBA. Her improved performance in the various tournaments (Semi-finalist in Western Zone of PNB Metlife All India tournament & runner up at Manora Tournament) in recent times is an ample testimony for effectiveness of DBA’s coaching & approach.



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