Testimonial by Mr Gopal Krishna Joshi

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Initially when Urvi had joined the Academy the only intent we had was she would do be able to do some physical activities and be fit. Nevertheless as days have gone by one can observe that she is very fit now and much more agile. It can be easily concluded that this fitness has been achieved only by the amount of time kids spend every week on physical training such as static strengthening, endurance, workouts for flexibility and rigorous warm-ups.

Urvi have just completed seven months in the Academy, however there has not been a single instance on which she has shown any reluctance towards attending training. At this juncture in the Academy it is she who wants to pursue Badminton as her Sports of choice in future and her level of game shows that sparkle which may shine in future. Being Analytical in nature, I always wonder what would be the factors for her interest and level she has achieved in playing Badminton, is it the one to one training with Dipankar Sir or his keen eye to look at the minute details such as if her grip correct, the angle of her elbow when she hits her toss, the way she moves for the lift, etc or the pally style of coaching of Neeraj Sir or the strict disciplined way of Tanmay Sir or motivation of senior colleagues or encourage & guidance from other parents or it has to be mix of all these which is required for kids in their early days.

Overall a very good group of kids, parents and coaches, which in turn creates a positive Aura in the entire Badminton Hall. We are fortunate to be a part of the DBA from day one.



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