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Olympian Dipankar

A two times Olympian and a Three times National Badminton Champion. An MBA from S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR). Employed with Indian Oil Corporation Limited as Manager.

Hails from Guwahati, Assam. Looking out for a change in profession to engage into full-time Badminton coaching in order to do justice to proficiencies attained in Badminton and to the society at large.

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Director's desk

DBA is a manifestation of ideas generated through days and hours of discussions among like-minded badminton enthusiasts in Navi Mumbai. It is not just another Badminton Coaching Centre.

It is beyond that. We aim at all round development of a child centered around one of the most intensive sports in the World, Badminton. We believe that life is not just about winning or losing in competitions.

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News & Events

Date : 29th April 2016

Description : A Day Boarding style of summer camping for 35 days fun filled & action packed Starts from 29th April 2016 .

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  • " Initially when Urvi had joined the Academy the only intent we had was she would do be able to do some physical activities and be fit. Nevertheless as days have gone by one can observe that she is very fit now and much more agile. It can be easily concluded that this fitness has been achieved only by the amount of time kids spend every week on physical training such as static strengthening, endurance, workouts for flexibility and rigorous warm-ups."

    Mr Gopal Krishna Joshi

  • " Dipankarís Badminton Academy(DBA)- A Nuclear Reactor A nuclear reactor is a device used to inititate and control a sustained nuclear chained reaction which generates power. We know that nuclear energy is the energy in the core of an Atom. Atoms are the tiny most units that make up all the matter in the universe.So life is all about Physics."

    Mrs Shivani S Hudekar

  • " Our daughter, Raksha, is now part of Dipankarís Badminton Academy (DBA) for close to 8 months. Brilliant Journey thus far, highly satisfying with visible improvement in each aspect of her game.Right from day one, the personal individual attention our daughter (for that matter all the kids) gets is unparalleled."

    Mrs SandhyaSuryanarayan

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